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    The Viking Shield Shawl by Seawall Designs

    The Viking Shield Shawl

    by Seawall Designs

    This pattern is available for C$9.60 CAD Изображение buy it now

    This is not your average cabled shawl.
    My goal designing the Viking Shield was to have the cable going in multiple directions in a triangular form, which, if you have knit or designed cables, you will know is quite the unusual feat. It is designed to come forward and hug the shoulders, then fall straight. It can be wrapped or held together with a clasp in front.
    The shawl starts off with a substantial tab cast on and then, after you pick up stitches, the shawl is knit in one piece.
    There is a video to show you the way I pick up stitches and it can be found here: Picking up stitches
    Seawall FIbres will be hosting a KAL with prizes in their group starting January 1st and any support you need will be there!
    Feel free to ask any questions in the thread titled Viking Shield Shawl in the Seawall Fibres group.

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