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    Morrígan by Beata Jezek


    by Beata Jezek

    This pattern is available for free.

    Morrígan, the great queen, is a goddess of Irish mythology. She is a godess of War and an omen of death, but also a symbol of fertility. Morrígan, often taking the form of a crow, also inspired courage in warriors and would even fight on the side of the rightful king.
    Heading into an ominous time of year, this shawl should give you strength and gird you against the cold and dark.
    Indulge yourself in a truly luxurious knitting with the warmest and softest of cashmere yarns.
    This stunning triangular lace shawl uses basic lace stitches only. If you have knitted lace before, this one will be a breeze. Suitable for an adventurous beginner also, the charts are easy to read and to memorize.
    Chart only, no written instructions.
    Skills necessary: Yarn over, SSK, K2tog, Sewn cast-off, blocking of the finished piece.
    07/12/2013 - pattern updated, mistake fixed.
    For more information, see: http://shop.hedgehog...roduct/morrigan

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