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    Шаль "Харуни" (Haruni)


    by Emily Ross

    Подборка с шалями здесь на сервисе:

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    Haruni is a triangular shawl, worked from the top down, with a crochet bind off. Alternate instructions for a knitted cord bind off are also included. You can easily adjust the size of this shawl by knitting more or less repeats of the first chart. Pattern includes charts, written directions, stitch count totals for every row, and extensive notes.
    Many thanks to Haramis for tech editing, and to my husband, for layout, drawing, and photos.
    This pattern is intended to be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 6.0 and above. To download this free program, go here. If you are a Mac user, this file may not work with Preview, to make sure you are using Acrobat Reader to open this file, right click (control click with a one button mouse), and choose “open with”, then Acrobat Reader.
    Thank you to the following people for the many wonderful translations of this pattern:
    Vlarsen : Danish
    Helix077 :Dutch
    Christine : French
    Allerleisocken : German
    Rosabianca : Italian
    Krakovianka : Polish
    Efguimaraesl : Portuguese
    Luisilla : Spanish
    Brittg : Swedish
    PineSlayerDee : Visually impaired
    German translation can be found here.
    Italian translation can be found here.
    All of the other translations can be found here, in one consolidated place.
    Many thanks to DannaLivingston for the stitch count totals for Chart B with 10 pairs of stems. (Starting Chart B with 209 stitches)
    Row 1 213 stitches
    Row 3 241 stitches
    Row 5 317 stitches
    Row 7 345 stitches
    Row 9 373 stitches
    Row 11 401 stitches
    Row 13 429 stitches
    Row 15 457 stitches
    Row 17 415 stitches
    Row 19 393 stitches
    Row 21 371 stitches
    Row 23 349 stitches
    Row 25 327 stitches
    Row 27 305 stitches
    Thanks to Tubbysnuggles for the stitch count totals for Chart B with 8 pairs of stems, if you’d like to make a tiny shawl, like she did. (Starting Chart B with 169 stitches)
    Row 1: 173 TS
    Row 3, 197 TS
    Row 5, 261 TS
    Row 7, 285 TS
    Row 9, 309 TS
    Row 11, 333 TS
    Row 13, 357 TS
    Row 15, 381 TS
    Row 17, 335 TS
    Row 19, 317 TS
    Row 21, 299 TS
    Row 23, 281 TS
    Row 25, 263 TS
    Row 27, 245 TS

    Изображение Изображение Изображение Изображение Изображение Изображение Изображение

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