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Cast On - наборный край для платка-шали

наборный край школа вязания приемы вязания советы по наборному краю для платка cast-on

    Cast On - наборный край для платка-шали

    если вкратце: набор на две спицы 1/3 от общего количества петель, потом добирается - из одной вывязывается три

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    I have a favorite cast-on. It’s kind of weird. Other folks have used it I’m sure, but it was an idea that I had that worked out really nicely. You cast-on over two needles (or one really big one) and then you immediately do a ton of double increases.

    When you work in stockinette stitch you get a nice little star cluster effect that runs all along the cast-on edge.


    It does however have a natural curve and tightness to it. Frequently knitters will worry that it’s too tight. It’s not! I promise. When you go to block the design it will block out into the perfect crescent edge, like you see in Longfellow below:


    Or in Lawsonia:


    You can even use it in garter stitch shawls like Jovia, although the cluster effect is not as pronounced.


    What’s your favorite cast-on?