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Flying Dragon Illusion by Steve Plummer

flying dragon illusion steve plummer ravelry the illusion knitting

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    Flying Dragon Illusion by Steve Plummer

    Flying Dragon Illusion

    by Steve Plummer

    This pattern is available for £3.50 GBP
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    The Flying Dragon Illusion knit has been designed to be viewed from the side. The pattern gives instructions for completion of the piece as a shield shaped banner, a square wall-hanging or a triangular shawl.
    The amount of yarn depends on which piece you are making but, as a rough guide, using DK yarn and 3.25mm needles, the banner will take about 270 metres in each of two colours, the square wall-hanging about 290 metres in each of two colours and the shawl about 400 metres again in each of two colours. In each case extra will be required for borders.
    The final photograph here shows the piece when viewed from directly in front.
    September 2013 Update
    The pattern now includes an extra chart intended for tablet users but others may find it helpful. You can view 20 ridges at a time and always be able to see the numbers across the bottom of the chart. Never lose your place again!
    For more information, see: http://www.illusionk...ts.com/drago...

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    На большом форуме есть тема по этому вязанию: Иллюзорное вязание

    Принцип был понятен - вяжутся полоски двух цветов по два ряда каждого цвета, чередуя. Хитрость в использовании лицевых и изнаночных петель в соответствии с рисунком. Если всё сделать правильно, то будет достигнут такой эффект:
    при перпендикулярном направлении взгляда (угол 90 градусов) видим обычные полоски
    при смене ракурса (30-60 градусов примерно) видим несложный рисунок

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